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Active by: Concentration, weakened (Koncentration, svækket).

Correction of diet B, D

A. AVOID sugar, sweetened snacks/goodies/cakes/chocolate and cocoa - fried fat/smoked bacon/fat foods - whole milk/cream/cheese/roasted and burned substances (e.g. in coffee).
B. EAT MORE greens and foods rich in dietary fibre (JAWS, porridge, whole grain bread etc.).
C. CUT DOWN meat/soups and sauces from meat/coffee/redwine/beer - rhubarb/green peas/soya beans.
D. Motion at least once a day (see also "Constipation"; in case of gastric fermentation, use BROTTRUNK with 12 resistant lactic acid bacteria).

Health product: Health product:
An ideal combination of strengthening and energy producing ingredients, which sharpen the memory and the power of concentration and release physical energy. Research has shown that Amazing has a favourable effect on the heart rate and circulation. Recommended for active people, both physically and intellectually (athletes, students, business people etc.). In most cases, Amazing will take effect within 30 minutes. NB! Too large doses increase the risk of doping in connection with sports.
In the vegetable kingdom, guarana is one of the most energy producing substances and it is amazingly popular in Brazil. It is used by athletes, busy business people, students, and everyone who needs extra energy. It affects the central nervous system and prevents premature ageing and arteriosclerosis. It is a tonic to the organism and an internal disinfectant. Useful for intestinal gas, fatness, and indigestion. The enzymes contained in papaya enhance the effects of this preparation.
A particularly versatile energy supplement, that affects the central nervous system and circulation and that generally strengthens and stimulates muscles and intellect. Harmless and non-habit-forming. Available at a favourable price when considering the concentration of medicinal substances.
Maximum has earned a reputation as Denmark's best multivitamin/mineral preparation due to its unique combination of all essential vitamins and minerals plus effective and useful energy herbs. This complexity is of importance to the organism's ability to obtain optimal assimilation and utilisation of nutrients. Many standard vitamin/mineral supplements are short of one or more vitamins or minerals (e.g. vitamin K, calcium, phosphorus, potassium etc.) as a result of which the utilisation of the other constituents is reduced. This is the reason why Maximum is also characterised as a so-called logical vitamin/mineral tablet. Fatigue, poor concentration, nervous diseases and many other everyday discomforts can be relieved within a few weeks by using Maximum. Ginseng G1000, Guarana, and Royal Jelly are energy producing ingredients, which prevent the well-known fall in blood sugar levels caused by the intake of vitamins and minerals. Maximum – Denmark's most comprehensive vitamin/mineral tablet containing more than 200 substances (the below list contains a total of 214!). Denmark's best diet assurance towards the increasing deterioration of the industrial diet as to the use of artificial additives. The large number of people suffering from fatigue gives food for thought - try using Maximum, it often provides a greater degree of physical well-being within the first week! Ingredients in order of importance: 13 vitamins 12 minerals 88 trace elements from plants, especially spirulina, chlorella og green barley. Ginseng 24 specific substances (at least), including: 13 ginsenosides) and other triterpensaponides, 4 essential oils (limonene, terpineol, citral, polyacetylene), 3 polyacetilenes (panaxinol, panaxidol, eptadecadiol. Also vitamins, trace minerals, carbohydrates etc. (Hoppe, Hager, Codex). Guaraná 12 specific substances (at least): caffeine, (+)-catechin, tannin, resin, saponin, choline, theophylline, theobromin, adenine, guanine, xamthin, hypoxanthin (Hager). Royal Jelly 8 specific substances (at least): Cholinesterase (enzyme), phosphatase, acetylcholine og adenosine (adenine derivatives), 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid, sebacic acid, 2-decendio acid, and biopterine. Also at least 8 vitamins from group B, free amino acids etc. (Hager). Ginger 23 specific substances (at least): Essential oils: Zingiberene, bisabolene, ar-curcumene, beta-sesqui phellandrene, sesquithujene, zingiberole, zingiberenol, sesquisabinene, sesqui phellandrol, phellandrene, canfen, geraniol, neral, linalol, borneol, gingerol, metyeptenon, nonilaldeid, zingerone; also: gingerol, shogaol, triglyceride, lecithin (Hager, Codex). Aloe Vera 14 specific substances (at least): Aloin, glyco-aloe-emodin-anthron, natal-aloe, homonataloin, nataloin, aloinosides A and B, aloe-emodin, chrosophanol, p-cumar-acid, cinnamic acid, aleosol, an essential oil, hormonal substance (Hoppe). Spirulina, chlorella & green barley 20 specific substances (at least): Amino acids (including all the essential ones): alanine, amide, argrinine, asparagine, cystine, glutamine, glycine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, proline, purine, serine threonine, tryptophan, tyrosine, valine. Also containing vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, carbohydrates and fatty acid compounds.
In traditional Chinese medicine, the leaves from the ginkgo trees have been used as a tonic. Modern research has shown that Chinese Ginkgo capsules help protect the brain and the cardiovascular system in general from degeneration processes and that they promote the blood supply to the brain and the supply of nutrients. Help improve memory and endurance, particularly in elderly people. The lowest priced and strongest natural ginkgo preparation in the health trade.
This traditional oriental medicinal plant improves the blood flow, it purifies the blood and inhibits infections. Modern studies have confirmed its positive effect on poor circulation in the legs, oedemas (Bio Juniper Berry capsules are effective in this connection as well), and difficultly healing gravitational ulcers (Folic Acid is effective in this connection as well). A favourable effect has also been established in connection with the treatment of herpes (Herpes Simplex Virus - HSV). Furthermore, Gotu Kola affects the brain tissue, and in the East it is believed to improve the memory and the intellectual performance (in Sanskrit it is called brahmi - according to Indian thought Brahma is the creator of the universe and the cosmic consciousness).
Through tests it has been scientifically established that Ginseng G1000 provides a higher level of ginsenosides (the active substances contained in ginseng root) than any other Ginseng preparation on the Danish market. As a medicinal plant, white ginseng root has been known for over 4000 years as a remedy that provides increased energy and sharpens the power of concentration. In 1987, independent studies showed that Ginseng G1000 tonic contains three times more effective ginsenosides than other products.
FOLINSYRE 50 TABLETS 400 mcg* (B9)
There is a connection between Folic Acid and the vitamins B6, B12, and other vitamins, and Folic Acid is primarily useful for the brain, the nervous system, and the blood formation, as it supports the absorption of iron. Used for treating schizophrenia and other psychotic symptoms, stress, circulatory disturbance (including difficultly healing gravitational ulcers. Prevents symptoms of ageing. Recommended before and during pregnancy for preventing spinal hernia.
Bio Pollen has a natural content of effective and highly absorbable nutrients (amino acids, vitamins, minerals, essential oils etc.). This richness of nutrients helps metabolism, supplies the body with energy, and sharpens the power of concentration. The essential oils possess antibiotic properties and have a favourable effect on the digestive system (can be used in intestinal infection and gastritis). Strong Bio Pollen capsules are useful for liver disorders, hay fever, and prostatic conditions.


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