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Active by: Menstruation problems/painful, too strong (Menstruationproblemer/smertefuld, for strærk).

Correction of diet A, D

A. AVOID sugar, sweetened snacks/goodies/cakes/chocolate and cocoa - fried fat/smoked bacon/fat foods - whole milk/cream/cheese/roasted and burned substances (e.g. in coffee).
B. EAT MORE greens and foods rich in dietary fibre (JAWS, porridge, whole grain bread etc.).
C. CUT DOWN meat/soups and sauces from meat/coffee/redwine/beer - rhubarb/green peas/soya beans.
D. Motion at least once a day (see also "Constipation"; in case of gastric fermentation, use BROTTRUNK with 12 resistant lactic acid bacteria).

Health product: Health product:
The chaste tree is a medicinal plant from the Mediterranean countries with a clear effect on the hormones. The preparation is used for treating PMT (unpleasant physical and emotional feelings felt by many women just before their period) and menstrual disorders (e.g. excessive and irregular menstruation). It has proved effective in treating blemished skin as well.
Maximum has earned a reputation as Denmark's best multivitamin/mineral preparation due to its unique combination of all essential vitamins and minerals plus effective and useful energy herbs. This complexity is of importance to the organism's ability to obtain optimal assimilation and utilisation of nutrients. Many standard vitamin/mineral supplements are short of one or more vitamins or minerals (e.g. vitamin K, calcium, phosphorus, potassium etc.) as a result of which the utilisation of the other constituents is reduced. This is the reason why Maximum is also characterised as a so-called logical vitamin/mineral tablet. Fatigue, poor concentration, nervous diseases and many other everyday discomforts can be relieved within a few weeks by using Maximum. Ginseng G1000, Guarana, and Royal Jelly are energy producing ingredients, which prevent the well-known fall in blood sugar levels caused by the intake of vitamins and minerals. Maximum – Denmark's most comprehensive vitamin/mineral tablet containing more than 200 substances (the below list contains a total of 214!). Denmark's best diet assurance towards the increasing deterioration of the industrial diet as to the use of artificial additives. The large number of people suffering from fatigue gives food for thought - try using Maximum, it often provides a greater degree of physical well-being within the first week! Ingredients in order of importance: 13 vitamins 12 minerals 88 trace elements from plants, especially spirulina, chlorella og green barley. Ginseng 24 specific substances (at least), including: 13 ginsenosides) and other triterpensaponides, 4 essential oils (limonene, terpineol, citral, polyacetylene), 3 polyacetilenes (panaxinol, panaxidol, eptadecadiol. Also vitamins, trace minerals, carbohydrates etc. (Hoppe, Hager, Codex). Guaraná 12 specific substances (at least): caffeine, (+)-catechin, tannin, resin, saponin, choline, theophylline, theobromin, adenine, guanine, xamthin, hypoxanthin (Hager). Royal Jelly 8 specific substances (at least): Cholinesterase (enzyme), phosphatase, acetylcholine og adenosine (adenine derivatives), 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid, sebacic acid, 2-decendio acid, and biopterine. Also at least 8 vitamins from group B, free amino acids etc. (Hager). Ginger 23 specific substances (at least): Essential oils: Zingiberene, bisabolene, ar-curcumene, beta-sesqui phellandrene, sesquithujene, zingiberole, zingiberenol, sesquisabinene, sesqui phellandrol, phellandrene, canfen, geraniol, neral, linalol, borneol, gingerol, metyeptenon, nonilaldeid, zingerone; also: gingerol, shogaol, triglyceride, lecithin (Hager, Codex). Aloe Vera 14 specific substances (at least): Aloin, glyco-aloe-emodin-anthron, natal-aloe, homonataloin, nataloin, aloinosides A and B, aloe-emodin, chrosophanol, p-cumar-acid, cinnamic acid, aleosol, an essential oil, hormonal substance (Hoppe). Spirulina, chlorella & green barley 20 specific substances (at least): Amino acids (including all the essential ones): alanine, amide, argrinine, asparagine, cystine, glutamine, glycine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, proline, purine, serine threonine, tryptophan, tyrosine, valine. Also containing vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, carbohydrates and fatty acid compounds.
Total B-Complex is a vitamin B complex preparation consisting of the most important B-vitamins in such concentrations that one tablet broadly covers the daily need. Consequently, the consumption of Total B-Complex tablets can be controlled individually, while they can also be combined with the multipreparations Maximum and Leaf-green. Suitable in connection with vitamin B cures with the purpose of treating health problems associated with a deficiency of vitamin B (stress, nervousness, premenstrual symptoms, fluid accumulation, depression, loss of hair).
Dong Queen capsules regulate and balance the female hormone system. Scientific research (Read and others) has shown that angelica reduces the blood pressure in the arteries and that it stimulates the contraction of the smooth musculature - primarily that of the uterus. Sage and lupulin have a soothing and normalising effect on the female hormonal balance. Dong Queen capsules have a positive effect on the hormones and are recommended for all types of menstrual disorders, menopausal trouble, anaemia, and muscular tension, especially due to menstrual cramps.
Borago or borage has been used as a medicinal plant since medieval times. However, it required modern research to prove that the plant's seeds are very rich in gamma-linolenic-acid (GLA), a fatty acid which is a positive factor in the treatment of women's premenstrual tension (PMT). Furthermore, GLA has a favourable effect on arteriosclerosis, diseases of the liver, schizophrenia, reduced immunity, decrepitude, and skin disorders. Borage oil capsules contain 80% unsaturated fatty acids, including 14% GLA. Each capsule contains at least 70 mg of GLA.
The climacteric tea contains a commonly used blend of various European herbs and has helped relieve many women's menopausal complaints.


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