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Active by: Flatulence (Oppustethed/tarmluft).

Health product: Health product:
THEA GO’ TEA 100 g - NATURAL - HERBAL MEDICINAL PRODUCT MT. NOS. 6111993, 61121193, and 6112293
This is an ancient health remedy. It entirely naturally normalises the gastrointestinal function, it stimulates metabolism, and helps remove excess fat. It inhibits intestinal fermentation and lowers cholesterol levels. The stimulating effect on metabolism results in a favourable effect on sour eructations and acidity of the stomach. Approved text: A laxative herbal medicinal product for short-term use in cases of a sluggish stomach and constipation. Thea Go’ tablets are very popular in connection with slimming programmes.
This tea provides a greater degree of physical well-being, as it gently and easily improves the digestive process and reduces intestinal gas, which is usually caused by sluggish digestion and intestinal fermentation. Can be used as a tasty tea for long-term use and in combination with Skallin (powder or capsules) if desired.


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