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Active by: Fracture (Knoglebrud).

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Sports injuries are more easily beaten when joints, joint capsules, ligaments, tendons, and the muscular tissue are supplied with the very proteins which form part of their own structure. The gelatine contained in LedSTYRKE is of animal origin (calf) and is completely absorbable. The preparation is used in all injuries to joints, ligaments, articular cartilage coating, cartilage discs, connective tissue, and in connection with strains and the healing of fractures. Free of purine, cholesterol, antibiotics, and hormones.
Dolomite tablets are a combination of two important minerals: calcium and magnesium. Calcium is of importance to bones, teeth, nerves, and muscles. Dolomite tablets is a calcium supplement specially made for people who need a magnesium supplement at the same time. Magnesium is not only known for its quality of fighting stress and convulsive states, it is also considered a positive factor in connection with cardiac infarct and blood clots. The tablets compensate for the loss of minerals after sweating and sunbathing and protect the skin against solar rays when used in combination with Betacarotene, Thistle Oil, and Bio Flax capsules.
Vitamins A and D are combined in AD-capsules (cod-liver oil and halibut liver oil). For information about the benefits of the vitamins A and D, please see the preparations Vitamin A and Vitamin D-3.


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