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Corrections of diet and behavior
When you chose a certain treatment, you will in several cases find corrections of diet and/or behavior. These corrections are indicated by the letters A, B, C and D and have the following meaning:

A. AVOID sugar, sweetened snacks/goodies/cakes/chocolate and cocoa - fried fat/smoked bacon/fat foods - whole milk/cream/cheese/roasted and burned substances (e.g. in coffee).
B. EAT MORE greens and foods rich in dietary fibre (JAWS, porridge, whole grain bread etc.).
C. CUT DOWN meat/soups and sauces from meat/coffee/redwine/beer - rhubarb/green peas/soya beans.
D. Motion at least once a day (see also "Constipation"; in case of gastric fermentation, use BROTTRUNK with 12 resistant lactic acid bacteria).

PLEASE NOTICE that alternative/herbal medicine is low-active compared with synthetical medicine. This means that adverse effects very seldom occur, when the recommended dose is observed. On the other hand it must be stressed, that certain eating and behaviour habits in part or in whole can neutralize the effect of alternative/herbal medicine. Therefore it is important to observe these corrections. The treatments will often be more efficient when combined with for instance reflexology, acupuncture etc. A general vitamin/mineral supplement like BLADGRØN and MAXIMUM is recommended in all cases.


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