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About helsenyt.com

We are a group of people who have been involved in health matters for many years. Consequently, we have collected a great deal of information on herbal medicine, vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements, as well as on wholesome food, organic foodstuffs, and a wholesome life style.

We would like to share this information with other people, as we believe it may contribute to:

  • improving the standard of public health,            
  • promoting the understanding of the importance of taking responsibility for your own health,            
  • providing an insight into the advantages of the use of natural products,            
  • revealing the things that have a negative effect on our health and quality of life,            
  • giving guidance on how to find the most effective and lowest priced health products on the Danish market!

To be able to familiarize yourself with the health market of today and to find your way around in the jungle of health products, it is necessary to keep up to date with the constant stream of new information about health. Few people have the resources to do this.

On our web site, "HelseNyt", you will find updated articles about the latest developments in health research. Our web site allows you to keep abreast of these developments and at the same time, it provides you with thorough background information on what you can do yourself to maintain or restore your health with the many offers available today outside the licensed, "stiff" medical world. Why should only specialists and the chosen few benefit from this information? On "HelseNyt", our main concern is to provide as many people as possible with as much relevant information as possible, free of charge. With this information you will be able to start improving your health and quality of life today! You will achieve a greater degree of physical well-being by using preparations involving no risk of side effects, which unfortunately is not a rare occurence when using synthetic drugs.

However, "HelseNyt" not only publishes the latest research results of relevance to health and life style. Throughout centuries, experience from folk medicine has been gathered, and it remains valid to this very day. It often includes low-priced, harmless, and effective herbs and drugs, that have stood the test of time.

It seems absurd that paternalism and contrary financial interests should prevent people from receiving important information about the medicinal properties of herbs, vitamins, and minerals as well as about dietary supplements which can enrich, purify, revitalize, decompose, strengthen, or neutralize illness.

Health and an optimal quality of life depend on several factors, e.g.:

  • inheritance            
  • pure natural food            
  • pure water            
  • pure air            
  • maintaining a high standard of personal hygiene            
  • exercise            
  • social network            
  • peace with your God and your neighbour.

Apart from genetic inheritance, these are all areas you can personally influence. The more you ignore this basic "wisdom" the more you miss the chance of enjoying the gift of life, a life of quality, health, and peace!

Yours faithfully

Tina Harken
Dietary and phyto-therapist



Tina Harken (responsible)
Dietary and phyto-therapist 
Marylbone High Street
London, UK.










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